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Safely Powering Projects for Seven Decades: Excellence in Electrical Contracting

We have worked in the electrical contracting industry for nearly seven decades, with the constant objective of delivering high quality work within the requirements of and budget for each project – and always in line with current industry standards.


A comprehensive range of services

Elevating projects with expert solutions.

Bring your vision to life.

With unwavering dedication, our services cover diverse electrical contracting solutions, tailored for unique project demands, upholding quality, safety, and expertise.

Our specialised range includes cutting-edge building systems, efficient lighting, and comprehensive electrical installations. We ensure project success from planning to certification.

Backed by experience and innovation, our commitment surpasses norms. We’re not just service providers but partners in your success, transforming challenges into opportunities, guided by industry standards, crafting visions with top-notch expertise.

Our comprehensive services reflect an unwavering dedication to bring your vision to life.

W. Portsmouth & Co. LTD

Wired for Excellence: Powering Your Projects.

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