W. Portsmouth is actively supporting mental health awareness by offering resources and guidance to help individuals recognise and manage mental health issues. This initiative emphasises the importance of asking for help when feeling overwhelmed and provides access to trained managers and an Employee Assistance Programme, alongside external support services, to ensure both mental and physical well-being.

W Portsmouth actively pursues bettering our community and the world. We collaborate with various charities, both local and national, and donate regularly. Check out some of these impactful organisations through the links provided below.

Our team participates in numerous charity events hosted by clients, contributing to their supported causes. We’ve organised fundraisers like cake sales for McMillan Cancer Support and quizzes to finance hospital equipment. Supporting local small businesses for our supplies is another way we contribute.

Furthermore, we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. This involves ongoing reviews and collaborations with suppliers and subcontractors to ensure environmental responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability and community improvement is an evolving journey towards a brighter future for all.

Impactful Organisations

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